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Online iSpy Games

Online games are becoming increasingly popular, with many to choose from. The rising sales of smartphones has fuelled the growth of the online gaming industry.

Many games cost money to play making them expensive for children. Lots of paid for games do offer a free option with restrictions on some elements of the game play.

Many age old games have been updated for the internet including; Continue reading Play iSpy Online

Everything You Need To Know About Clay Pigeon Shooting

Learn About Clay Pigeon Shooting

Three Basic Styles of Shotgun

3 different designs of 12 bore gun exist, Semi-Automatic, Over and Under and Side by Side.

Game shooters traditionally use side by side shotguns. The 2 barrels are next to each other.

Under and overs have their two barrels one above the other. Shooters often use an over and under gun for Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Clay Pigeon Shooting

A Natural Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet

The Caveman diet comes from the Paleolithic era, so is often called the Paleo diet. Modern Agriculture changed our diet because it became necessary to mass grow cheap food in order to feed the growing population.

The foods that we consider to be normal today, including wheat, oats, barley, dairy, legumes, soya and maize are all relatively modern foods, developed more because they can be grown Continue reading A Natural Caveman Diet