Top Ten Best/Worst Tattoos

Top Ten Bad Tattoos

Of course we will never know whether these mistakes occurred because the tattooist didn’t copy the customers request properly or because the customers requested a misspelled word to start with….. but then I suppose the tattooist should have noticed the error …… or you would hope so.

Either way, their short comings are our gain in so many ways… so thank you for taking one for the team and giving the rest of us a chuckle.


I would rather comment on your spelling!


curious decision on the spelling
Some dicisions are not always good ones!


possible intentional tattoo mistake
This may be intentional… but funny none the less!


extreme tattoo
Don’t we all feel a little exreme at times?


dad's little angel
Teaching kids to spell phonetically doesn’t seem to help when it comes to tattoos


I'm the boss..honest
Proof that some people do get over promoted


mom is my angle
Is that acute or obtuse?


tattoo typo 7
Qualifications needed to carry Olympic torches included having an arm with a hand on it.


my pee is sweet tattoo
Do you think it smells sweet or tastes sweet?


awesome spelling expert
No you’re not!

And one more bonus tattoo for luck……


tattoo spelling mistake 11
Or… fuck the spelling of system….. genius.. who need school anyway?