Memory Sticks And Data Storage

How to Choose the Right Memory

Flash drives come in a variety of different dimensions and sizes. Different storage cards are suited to different data storage applications. Tens of Millions of Flash storage units are made globally year on year, and many were not intended for their current use.

Taking a few seconds to assess your needs before you make an unwise purchase will allow you to make an informed choice and as a result you will end up with a better data storage device that will work for you.

Card Types Card Varieties

There are several formats that are used by the bulk of device manufacturers. The most widely used are standard, Micro and Mini SD Cards, USB memory sticks, and Compact Flash card drives.

The 2 most important details when buying portable data storage, are the capacity of the stick and the speed of data transfer. Memory storage technology is fast moving leading to an increase in capacity & more rapid data transfer.

The bigger and quicker the memory, the more it will cost. Following on from the recent growth in the use of portable devices for HD videos and gaming, storing large files on small convenient storage has now become more important than ever.

Data Server Storage

Cloud computing is rapidly taking over as the preferred solution for big business as the best way to securely store and serve critical data on demand worldwide.

There are many suppliers of cloud storage, but few that own and manage bespoke servers for a range of the largest high street brands and household names in the UK. The key to being able to keep control of data and to maintain high availability at all times is 100% ownership by your service provider.

Not only does this allow for a completely bespoke build for your requirements, but additionally, with a skilled and knowledgeable team of IBM trained engineers on hand 24/7 you can relax, knowing that your servers are safe, secure and protected from anything the world may decide to throw at them.

Storage Capacities

Currently, memory cards and sticks ( are readily available up to 256GB and memory capacity is on course to reach 2TB by the end of the decade. Mobile memory storage is ever more reliable, giving the user much more confidence and security than was readily accepted up until a little while ago.

Many modern memory sticks are hot swappable which means that they can be removed from devices without needing to eject them. Flash drives are also compatible with both Microsoft and Apple computers, so it’s easy to copy your data onto your Mac or PC for using at a later date.

It’s never been more important for big business to protect their data in a secure environment.


Professional level digital SLR cameras usually provide several card slots and will take Compact Flash memory cards (which are often the preference for commercial photography) and SD cards also. For commercial photographers, often they only have one opportunity to preserve an event, so they have to be confident that the images they take are safe and secure.

CompactFlash cards are one of the most dependable data cards as well as the most trusted. Most wedding photographers choose a few smaller capacity memory cards during important shoots like these rather than saving all their photos one large capacity card.

Doing this, gives them added piece of mind because in the worst case scenario, if data is lost, they just lose a single section of their data, as opposed to losing it all.

Despite the high level of reliability of data storage, it is a sensible precaution to protect your valuable data by saving it in this way as it can save a lot of tears later. Because of their tiny dimensions, sticks and cards are an incredibly practical way of moving large quantities of information for either portability or security.

Cards and sticks can be easily carried in a purse, wallet or pocket, or discreetly hidden to protect your most important intellectual property.

Flash memory has 2 basic forms, USB and a range of different dimensioned memory card drives which either require a compatible memory card slot or a multi-card reader which is connected to a computer via a USB. The electronic devices, cameras or gaming portals you own or intend to purchase will dictate which types of cards you will need.

If you are only planning to store information from your computer then a USB flash memory stick will be your best option. With the expense of flash memory decreasing, this is the best time to invest in new large capacity cards and sticks to preserve your important information.